The Band
"Oh, Clara!," the debut recording from David Whitman, features Francisco Torres, Tom Luer, Geoffrey Keezer, Rob Thorsen, Tomek Miernowski, Chris Montgomery, and the trumpet and compositions of Whitman's long-time collaborator Andrew Neesley. The record is a reference to David’s daughter, Clara, and to the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to which four of the eight musicians on the record have ties.
"Oh Clara!" features ten tracks that harken back to the days of Blue Note, Riverside, and Verve -- when spontaneity, passion, and magic ruled the studio. Recorded in two sessions at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, the record introduces two new arrangements and eight new compositions by GRAMMY nominated composer Andrew Neesley. The charts capture a tenderness and intensity and are masterfully performed by the band of world class musicians, whose mastery of the language of jazz is as evident as the music is soulful and swinging. And it is just that---swinging. And hard! Geoffrey Keezer, Rob Thorsen, and David Whitman create a strong foundation.
And throughout it all Whitman leads from the drums like bands from the past, cementing the ensemble and providing a solid ground that puts the music first. He clearly demonstrates a giftedness in supporting his bandmates, and shows he has deep roots when he steps into the spotlight (his solos are fantastic, and he knocks it out of the park on Saint Nicholas Avenue). The caliber, energy, spontaneity, and historically minded performances are inspiring all around. Sit back, relax, listen, and ENJOY!